Fast, Accurate Estimates in 3 Easy Steps

flexaMate is an easy, affordable estimating solution for Electrical Contractors.

Access over 15000+ labour units and find the right estimates quickly. Re-use previous quotes for fast bidding on similar jobs.


Log into flexaMate and create accurate quotes quickly


Quick and Easy Quoting

Easy access to all of your previous quotes, re-use existing estimates when bidding for similar jobs

Manage your jobs and quotes in one place. Re-use estimates when bidding on similar jobs.

Re-Use Previous Estimates

Search for parts and labour units from the shared catalog

Add materials and lengths from our library of 15000+ items.

Manage Your Contacts

Save your customer details and re-use between quotes.

Save contact details for regular customers.

Produce printable and emailable documents with break-downs.

Produce Quote PDFs with the click of a button.

flexaMate calculates the labour and costs based on your previous estimates and material pricing.

We'll calculate the effort and costs.

Every part you use form the shared catalog is copied to your personal catalog along with any changes you make to labour and pricing. Add you own parts to your personal catalog.

Add custom parts to your personal catalog.

Electrical Estimating

flexaMate Electrical Estimating Software Online. Electrical Estimating for contractors prepare quotes & bids. Electrical Estimating with records, downloads & more.