How to Estimate Electrical Work


In this guide, John will explain the basic steps taken to produce an electrical quote. This guide follows the quantity take-off method, using a simple lighting plan as an example.

John is an Electrical Contractor with over 30 years of experience in the electrical Industry. He helped design flexaMate and has been using it exclusively for the past 2 years.


Getting Started

You will need:
a copy of your electrical plan that can be drawn on
a scale ruler/measuring wheel (or similar)
coloured highlighter pens or pencils
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Quantity Take-Off

Start with your Electrical Plan

A Quantity Take-Off involves counting and measuring the quantity of parts required for a job.

This guide uses a simple lighting install as an example, which includes light fittings, switches and cable.


Count and Measure the Quantity of Each Part

Components such as light switches are counted, where materials such as cable are measured to scale.

Count Components

For whole components, count the quantity of each type that appears on your plan (eg. 2 x 3-Gang 10A Switches).

Count the components, such as Light Fittings and Switches

Mark off each type of component using a different colour (eg. yellow for wall lights, green for down lights).

Add the total quantity of each part type to your estimate.

Measure Lengths

Measure cabling and other lengths using a scale ruler, measuring wheel or similar tool.

Measure the lengths, such as Cable and Conduit

Don't forget to include a measurement for each drop. Each run will need a connection to the mains or switchboard, which may require some additional measurements.

Mark off each measurement using your chosen colour. Also, place a mark for each drop to ensure all have been included.

Tip: If the installation is typical, it is much faster to take an average measurement of say 10m per domestic light fitting and use that (eg. 20 light fittings at an average of 10m per light = 200m of cable).

Adding Quantities to your Estimate

Add a Task to the Lighting Section

In the Take-Off tab, create a “Lighting” section. Click the Add Task button

Search for the Part Name and Select

Start typing the part (eg. "1.5mm 2C") and select from the list. You can also click “Browse All Results” to view more parts.

Enter the Part Quantity and click Add

Enter the part quantity and click Add.

Tip: flexaMate will remember your most frequently used parts and display these first when searching.

Once you have completed the Quantity Take-Off step, your plan and screen should look similar to the following:

Electrical Plan after Quantity Take-Off Completed Screen after Quantity Take-Off Completed


Pricing & Labour

Confirm Pricing and Labour Rates. Enter or Adjust as required.

Next, include labour units, parts pricing and discount rates for each type of part.

In the Pricing & Labour tab, enter your cost price and discount (if flexaMate has not automatically entered these for you).

Confirm that the labour per quantity is correct for your individual efficiency, otherwise adjust.

Tip: flexaMate will remember your pricing, discounts and labour adjustments for next time.


Review & Send

In the Review tab, confirm that all components are included in the Materials & Task List and make any final adjustments, as required.

This is a good time to add sundries and other overheads to your estimate (eg. subcontractor costs).

Tip: Some advanced users choose to enter all tasks directly into the Materials & Task List view, skipping the first two steps.
Export Runsheet to Confirm Labour and Parts Pricing
Export Runsheet

Click "Export Runsheet" to confirm total labour and parts pricing. You may wish to print this page for your records.

Generate a PDF Quote to Print or Email
Generate Quote

Finally, click "Generate Quote" to generate a PDF quote document that can be printed or emailed.

Tip: The down arrow next to the "Generate Quote" icon provides itemised quote options.

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